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As Creative Format aims at effective project execution and customer satisfaction, we always try hard to keep our clients posted on all the processes of project implementation throughout all its stages. The clarity of our operation, transparency of all actions, deep insight of the technologies applied – all these secure that the common goal shall be achieved.

The solutions by Creative Format serve the ultimate aim of enhancing your business. Your business objectives get ours, and be assured they will be reached.


Main Development Stages

Before we start implementing the project, we rely on structuring it into separate stages under iterative approach, which is a combination of Rational Unified Process (RUP) and eXtreme Programming (XP). To put it short the division of the process into stages helps the team of developers understand the challenges of the given project, as well as its business environment, and implement the project in the most effective way.

The main stages of project development are as follows

In addition to the above, what we stake on is the feedback. The customer shall be engaged with the project and take part in day to day processes.


Development Methodology

We apply SCRUM, as it is extremely helpful to expand the responsibility for the project over the whole development team and enhance communication at all levels. Everyone in the team gets engaged to effective task implementation, and the team starts operating as a single whole for the benefit of the project. It works much better than the regular management approaches and provides for quicker and more efficient result.

To apply SCRUM in Creative Format we: assign team members respective roles, involve the customer in development, and conduct regular meetings, where we set main tasks, evaluate effort and estimate project progress. From the customer’s point, SCRUM reduces time-to-market and provides for communication flexibility between customer and development team, as well as inside of the development team, and provides for product quality enhancement.

SCRUM as an Agile framework perfectly fits most of Creative Format projects because:

  • It allows managing a software project without conventional planning.
  • The assigned roles serve for comprehensive feedback loop.



Creative Format is the company that can easily switch between various applicable project management approaches. After considering in full your project requirements, we offer you a management model that is right for your project. All in all we modify our management operation on the principles of two main methodologies, and namely PMBOK and Agile. The former is more suitable when the project features fixed specifications, terms and requirements, and the latter will be the one to prefer when dealing with a more flexible project, which features shall be agreed upon every day.

For the purpose of project tracking Creative Format has developed and successfully applies the software solution Project Tracking System. The system provides for an extensive scope of project management options and customization features, aiming at effective and smooth project implementation, as well as at time and cost reduction.


As for Agile project management, Creative Format follows the following principles:

  • In terms of QA and testing, management shall concentrate on empowerment, and never on controlling.
  • In terms of business, management shall concentrate on delivering the best solution to the customer, and never on contract and activity scheduling.
  • Involve best Agile processes and practices: Scrum, Lean, XP, etc.


Why Agile Project Management?

Agile implies restructuring task into smaller parts that will be collected into one solution when the right time comes. There can be found good reasons to apply both Waterfall and Agile, but when we dissect web design and web development, for instance, Agile employment is preferable.


Quality Assurance

Mary Poppendieck gave a brilliant hint to successful testing: the job of testing is to prevent defects, not to find defects. Generating further ideas from the above assumption we offer the following ideas to make QA and testing timely and resulting:

  1. bring development team and testers into one team to define all respective issues and start working on the project together
  2. define short iteration and evaluate the major risks
  3. arrange unit testing by developers and unit testing of the entire code
  4. arrange automated acceptance testing during the iteration, and not after it is completed
  5. ensure frequent customer feedback

To view extra information on QA services provided by Creative Format click here.



Communication in teams relies on the following main points:

  • F2F interaction
  • easily accessible information
  • system generated notices
  • short daily meetings

Communication with customers relies on the following points:

  • constant feedback
  • regular reports
  • open bug tracker


Creative Format welcomes smooth immediate communication of information between our project team and the customer. We tend to assign a project coordinator on our part. This will be your default contact at Creative Format for all questions regarding the project. You agree on communication means and preferable time. In case you need direct meeting with the developers it shall be arranged upon request via Microsoft LiveMeeting or similar desktop sharing tools.

You will be pleased to deal with our report system that allows you to daily receive reports on the work performed, tasks pending, resources and time used and required. It will give you the deep insight of the project progress and allow you to flexibly feedback if necessary.

I have been working with Serge for 4 and something years now. It all started when I had a crucial project and was looking for a web development company to do it. Serge and his team did it once so well that I never wanted to look for somebody else. You can imagine that I have changed a couple of companies, but anywhere I go I always treat Serge, and as a result Creative Format, as my good partner.

Steve Hood

Imagine you emerge to the IT business not having an idea what is there to do to gain profit…

You start looking for a good team. You find it, and see them working. You realize that their outlook on technical problems is cool: you see people enjoying solving issues. Complexities are okay as long as Creative Format team works at them: no headache, and software users have fun using the applications.

From the instant we submitted the request till the project accomplishment we liked working with your team. Just imagine: you ask a question, and it is answered even before you have returned to your cubicle with your cappuccino! Your people were quick to answer all our questions and flexible to follow the right path. Well-done!

Andrew Marlow

In my previous workplace, a web development enterprise, CEO made their choice in favor of Project Tracking System by Creative Format. It is good, and it allowed me as a project manager to manage all and everything at a time. Now, I am launching a business of my own and fully rely on your PTS to help me with project management, as it has never let me down even with a minor thing.

Catherine Luzano

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