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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of great importance to us. The present Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use information.

Personal Data Security

Creative Format shall by all means protect the personal information of our customers and visitors to our website www.creative-format.com (here in after referred to as Creative Format website). 

The Web servers automatically register domain name and IP address of the visitor to Creative Format website (as well as IP address of the site that transferred you to Creative Format website, OS and web browser information). 

Creative Format needs the above data to:

  • manage our website efficiently and see which sections and data blocks attract visitors 
  • manage our server operation and tackle problems as they arise

Contact form asks for your email address that shall be used to feedback in reply to your request.

Creative Format website provides for modern security that ensures prevention of data loss, misuse, or modification. 

Confidential Data Security

Creative Format shall not share or disclose any information or documents received from customers to third parties, with the only exception and to the extent that is required to do so by law. 

The confidential data provided by our customers shall be available only to those employees of Creative Format that are engaged with their immediate processing. Each of Creative Format employees has signed an NDA that restricts them from disclosing the confidential data provided by our customers inside of the company and to third parties.

Surveys and quizzes

Occasionally, we can offer you to take part in surveys and quizzes at Creative Format website. Participation in the above shall be regarded as voluntary. The received data shall be used solely to monitor and enhance website operation.

Your Consent 

By visiting Creative Format website you agree on the terms of the present Privacy policy. 

Policy Amendment

Creative Format shall be entitled to amend, alter and update the present Privacy Policy any time.

Our Contacts 

Should you have questions concerning the present Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us

I have been working with Serge for 4 and something years now. It all started when I had a crucial project and was looking for a web development company to do it. Serge and his team did it once so well that I never wanted to look for somebody else. You can imagine that I have changed a couple of companies, but anywhere I go I always treat Serge, and as a result Creative Format, as my good partner.

Steve Hood

Imagine you emerge to the IT business not having an idea what is there to do to gain profit…

You start looking for a good team. You find it, and see them working. You realize that their outlook on technical problems is cool: you see people enjoying solving issues. Complexities are okay as long as Creative Format team works at them: no headache, and software users have fun using the applications.

From the instant we submitted the request till the project accomplishment we liked working with your team. Just imagine: you ask a question, and it is answered even before you have returned to your cubicle with your cappuccino! Your people were quick to answer all our questions and flexible to follow the right path. Well-done!

Andrew Marlow

In my previous workplace, a web development enterprise, CEO made their choice in favor of Project Tracking System by Creative Format. It is good, and it allowed me as a project manager to manage all and everything at a time. Now, I am launching a business of my own and fully rely on your PTS to help me with project management, as it has never let me down even with a minor thing.

Catherine Luzano

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