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Integration & Customization

Creative Format Company is happy to offer its clients the opportunity of building sites, modules, plug-ins, extension and customized template for popular publishing content management system Joomla!



Joomla! – CMS(Content Management System) is written in PHP and JavaScript, stores data in  a MySQL and MS SQL database. It is a free and open source content management framework (CMF) for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets and a model–view–controller (MVC) Web application framework that can also be used independently, Joomla was the result of work of a free software community, that is how it got its name - it is the anglicised spelling of the Swahili word jumla meaning "all together" or "as a whole." The system is constantly updated and upgraded due to cooperation of the whole community.

Combining powerful functional capabilities and extremely flexible framework, this system has become one of the most popular and used worldwide.

The important peculiarity of Joomla! is that it has a minimal number of instruments for initial settings, which if necessary is added with the help of different elements (components, modules, and plug-ins). It saves the content placement from unnecessary elements, it also reduces server load and saves hosting.

This is not the full list of the functions of the system. For more detailed information on Joomla! go to the official site of the community.


CMS Joomla! Development Services

Building of plug-ins and modules for Joomla! – is one of the most popular applications in web-developing. Creative Format has already got experience in working-out of such solutions, we are well aware of peculiarities and characteristics of Joomla!. Designing process includes several stages:

  • the customer leaves description of the module, gives an example of data and results of its work, describes look and feel;
  • the order is distributed among the project design team according to the degree of complexity and work items;
  • after developing the first stable version of module, manager demonstrates it to the customer while the latter gives his comments and the project is sent back for revision;
  • project iteration is carried on until the customer makes sure that the module works just as he wants.

This service involves both introduction of new modules into the system and modification of the existing built-in site modules. Design of additional modules can help to develop the system and make it easier and more demanded.

Site owners have not only to develop content system functionality but also update the whole design or forms of separate elements. There is a great number of free templates (skins) for popular CMS, but quite often their quality leaves much to be desired. Moreover, among its competitors any serious organization should stand out in exclusive recognizable design, which lays emphasis on its individuality.

CMS Joomla! template system allows to change site face easily or develop a unique one. Template production for dynamic sites is a more complicated procedure than development of a statistical template. That can cause problems for a common user.

Creative Format Portfolio has already made projects with the help of CMS Joomla!. A combination of smooth lines, bright colours and modern graphics makes our designs special and catchy.

While developing our designs we stick to the basic principles of usability, because we care for our customer. If your site is convenient the customer will feel comfortable using it and that means that the site is effective.

If you are interested in cooperation with our team or would like to get a consultation from our specialists what CMS to choose for your site, please contact us right now! 

I have been working with Serge for 4 and something years now. It all started when I had a crucial project and was looking for a web development company to do it. Serge and his team did it once so well that I never wanted to look for somebody else. You can imagine that I have changed a couple of companies, but anywhere I go I always treat Serge, and as a result Creative Format, as my good partner.

Steve Hood

Imagine you emerge to the IT business not having an idea what is there to do to gain profit…

You start looking for a good team. You find it, and see them working. You realize that their outlook on technical problems is cool: you see people enjoying solving issues. Complexities are okay as long as Creative Format team works at them: no headache, and software users have fun using the applications.

From the instant we submitted the request till the project accomplishment we liked working with your team. Just imagine: you ask a question, and it is answered even before you have returned to your cubicle with your cappuccino! Your people were quick to answer all our questions and flexible to follow the right path. Well-done!

Andrew Marlow

In my previous workplace, a web development enterprise, CEO made their choice in favor of Project Tracking System by Creative Format. It is good, and it allowed me as a project manager to manage all and everything at a time. Now, I am launching a business of my own and fully rely on your PTS to help me with project management, as it has never let me down even with a minor thing.

Catherine Luzano

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