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Creative Format Inventory

Creative Format is glad to present you our new wide-use business application - Creative Format Inventory. CF Inventory is a simple and efficient system that provides quick and easy inventory management  in the company.

Creative Format Inventory

Imagine you are a company administrator, whose task is to generate, process and edit inventory entries for around 300 people in three remote offices. It will take you days to arrange the data into a comprehensive system, featuring all necessary details. It can take you hours to create a record on a new inventory purchase, register a laptop going from one employee to another, and discard a hard drive. It all requires effort and time, because the entry form, inventory details and movements are far from being identical, as you deal with numerous types of machinery, activities and users.

Imagine you are a UI designer, and you are engaged in a special project for a VIP customer. You have a deadline approaching and face a PC failure. Do you have this time to wait till the administrator manually processes all previous equipment applications and starts looking for a new computer for you?

And imagine the happy coexistence of an administrator that can rely on an efficient Inventory Management Software and an employee that is sure they will be supplied with the needed equipment on time.

Business requires quick and efficient feedback. And as most processes nowadays rely on computers and machinery, there should be some means to manage our business devices efficiently. And this is the main objective of CF Inventory. CF Inventory helps businesses to arrange complex IT asset management. It gathers and provides detailed and thorough information on all your company assets and allows you to increase corporate efficiency, provide better service to your customers and reduce overall costs.

CF Inventory benefits

  • is easy-to-use and comprehensive
  • provides for intuitive interface and simple fill-in forms
  • manages the whole inventory life-cycle
  • features all necessary inventory details
  • provides for multiple functions: creating, editing, moving and deleting entries
  • allows inventory grouping and data filtering, creating new inventory types, etc.
  • gives multiple search options
  • records detailed activity logs
  • features extra customization options
  • saves up to 50 % of your time and effort


Being a multi-user system, CF Inventory provides for various user access levels. Thus users can share data and perform more tasks, having restricted access to important company data. As a result the company gets rid of ineffective processes, reduces paperwork and gets control of all inventory operations. The simplified data registration, documentary management procedure and support of multiple system users lead to saving time and money overall for the company.

CF Inventory provides for remote access. No matter where the office and machinery are, the administrator, having multiple simultaneous tasks and inventory applications from employees, can quickly register and manage them on the remote basis.

CF Inventory performs the following main tasks:

  • provides for all required inventory management at-hand tools
  • creates, tracks and edits equipment entries
  • records inventory issue and return
  • provides for full movement history
  • defines machinery current status and owner
  • finds unused equipment
  • allows instant messages and inventory application processing
  • can be used as a source of audit

With CF Inventory you can add new items and features, manufacturer information, include current owners and locations, as well as upload photos and attachments, add comments, track repairs, filter information, etc. It allows compiling customized inventory reports to get detailed information for some inventory or time period. Our free CF Inventory demo-version will show you the system in action.

Documenting the inventory flow in the company allows controlling and replacing the necessary equipment when needed. Increased efficiency and consistency, combined with multiple integrated functions, make CF Inventory a perfect solution for all-size businesses that allows all company inventory operations be managed smoothly.

You can also find more information and order CF Inventory here.

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I have been working with Serge for 4 and something years now. It all started when I had a crucial project and was looking for a web development company to do it. Serge and his team did it once so well that I never wanted to look for somebody else. You can imagine that I have changed a couple of companies, but anywhere I go I always treat Serge, and as a result Creative Format, as my good partner.

Steve Hood

Imagine you emerge to the IT business not having an idea what is there to do to gain profit…

You start looking for a good team. You find it, and see them working. You realize that their outlook on technical problems is cool: you see people enjoying solving issues. Complexities are okay as long as Creative Format team works at them: no headache, and software users have fun using the applications.

From the instant we submitted the request till the project accomplishment we liked working with your team. Just imagine: you ask a question, and it is answered even before you have returned to your cubicle with your cappuccino! Your people were quick to answer all our questions and flexible to follow the right path. Well-done!

Andrew Marlow

In my previous workplace, a web development enterprise, CEO made their choice in favor of Project Tracking System by Creative Format. It is good, and it allowed me as a project manager to manage all and everything at a time. Now, I am launching a business of my own and fully rely on your PTS to help me with project management, as it has never let me down even with a minor thing.

Catherine Luzano

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